Creative Kids After Care (1)
Creative Kids is a daily after-school enrichment program offered to all Beach Day students. Students are invited into a nurturing environment,  to participate in teacher-led activities and student choice time. Daily afternoon routines consist of snacks, naps and quiet time (in Rooms 214 and 213), and outdoor play. The Creative Kids classroom is on the second floor, in Room 214.
** 2-year-old Students**: Our 2-year-old students who are signed up for after-school care will not go into our regular CK room; instead, they will remain in Rm. 211, which is a 2’s classroom. Kasia Bussey, one of our 2’s teachers, will keep our youngest students in this smaller, safer environment until 3 PM. Any 2’s student who must remain in after-care past 3 PM will then go into Rm. 214, our regular CK classroom.
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Hannah Mason, CK Coordinator

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